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Cuddle Cups:

Designed by Carole Henshall in 2008, each one-of-kind cuddle cup comes with it's own recycled wool, button-embellished cozy to enhance the snuggle factor of your favorite hot drink.

An unglazed textured band around the middle of the cup holds the cozy firmly in place when in use.Sweaters can be laundered on a medium cycle in a regular washer/dryer or washed by hand and dried on the dish drainer. Roll between your hands after replacing on the cup to reshape.

Stock on these cups changes constantly.

Please come by the Kingsmill Shop or contact us to enquire about our current selection or to place an order.

Cuddle Cup
Cuddle Cups 1
Formal Cuddle Cups.
Cuddle Cups 2
Mango and Lemon Cuddlers.
Cuddle Cups 3
Cuddle Cups 4
Lime and Turquoise Cuddlers
Cuddle Cups 5
Ahoy, Matey!
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